Best Inada Massage Chair Review

Relax. Define as to relieve or become relieved from tension or strain. The total opposites of stress were all of us eagerly want to achieve on a regular basis.

Inada YuMe Massage Chair
Inada YuMe Massage Chair

Long vacation, luxury cruise, intercontinental travel, a trip to an amusement park, shopping spree, a bouquet of flower, surprise present, a nice pair of shoes, vip pass in the play-offs, massage, therapeutic massage then there’s Inada HCP-R100A YuMe Massage Chair. The only thing you need to achieve that total relaxation.

The Inada Brand

It is all started in Osaka, Japan the year was 1962 when Nichimu Inada invented the first automatic shiatsu massage chair that became a bestseller in Japan and made the company the world’s leading manufacturer of automatic massage chair.

Time Magazine once recognized Inada’s product to be the Invention of the Year awardee and The New York Times even mentioned in one of its article that and I quote “The Inada massage chair… makes the La-Z-Boy seem lazy indeed“. But I simply refer to it as sheer genius.

The YuMe Innovation

Go home for a suiting shiatsu massage and replace your stress with a relax feeling after the YuMe massage chair carefully scan your body type to create a more personalized massage session based on your shiatsu points.

The Proprietary neck stretch pillows are designed to impersonate the movement of that a professional massage therapist in a slow rotational movements and gentle neck traction.

YuMe is also equipped with the latest Innovation in massage chair – the Thera-eliptical-kneading (TEK) that applies a gentle squeeze on your calves in a rotational movement, the Rotary rocker technology (RRT) for a more realistic feel of being in a traditional rocking chair and the Color kinetic LEDs slowly turned your darkened room to a place of tranquility and peace.

The Health Benefit

The YuMe has a Zero gravity position feature that can be fully enabled in massage or non-massage modes. The Zero gravity massage chair and recliner provides a medically recommended neutral body posture that relieves tension by placing you in a comfortable flexed-knee and back position that results in gentle lower-back traction.

The Cost

The Inada HCP-R100A YuMe massage chair has a retail value of $6,897.63. A small price to pay to eliminate the stress that everyday workload gives, relieves muscle tension, avoid body deformity, have a shiatsu-style acupuncture massage therapy, and an overall feeling of calm and serenity.

The Customer’s Reaction

“My chiropractor has a massage chair. This chair is so much more versatile, IT PUTS THAT ONE TO SHAME, often making me WHIMPER into submission chanting INADA’S name, wondering HOW I could EVER have questioned the purchase price of this MASTERPIECE of technology.

UPDATE: After 16 months of use, this chair works exactly like the day it arrived for my extensive daily therapy. The precious foot massage is the only thing saving my old arthritic feet. No mechanical problems with the chair have been encountered at all; no service necessary; no cause whatever for complaint. This chair, along with dutiful stretching exercises, appears to be a key to happy retirement for me. It’s WORTH THE MONEY.

UPDATE: At the 2-year anniversary I thought I had a problem. All functions just stopped and the chair would not recover to the default position. I called Inada. The same day an advisor told me to just unplug the chair for a little while, then plug it in again…Why didn’t I think of that? The chair works perfectly again. GO INADA!”

“I’ve had my Inada Yu Me chair for eight months and I’ve used it every night before bed. This massage chair is sublime! I sit back, close my eyes and for 30 minutes plus I’m in an alpha state. Once done its right into bed for seven to eight hours of peaceful sleep.”

“Previous to getting the chair my masseuse would arrive every Friday and spend 1 1/2 hours working me over, now it’s every other Friday and he is one of the best in the business here in Los Angeles.”

“A massage is life giving to my way of thinking! There are a few things I would never want to be without and right at the top of that list would be my massage chair. (perfect review site:’m so grateful to have found the YuMe!!! HR”

Inada HCP-R100A YuMe Review Conclusion

For all other information regarding Inada HCP-R100A YuMe massage chair, checkout They also offer a special discounted price and consumer reviews to help you on your upcoming purchase.

Relaxzen 60-425111 Massage Chair Review

If you are in a situation at home or work where you are forced to sit frequently, why not find a way to do it comfortably?

Relaxzen 60-425111
Relaxzen 60-425111

Comfort Products Relaxzen 60-425111 is a great chair option for someone who is looking for comfort for his or her long sedentary days.

The Relaxzen 60-425111 is more than just a comfortable massage chair. It is also packed full with enjoyable features. Let’s start our Relaxzen 60-425111 review by taking a deeper look at some of the most impressive features…

Relaxzen 60-425111 Features

Heat, Zoned Vibrational Massage: Upper Back, Mid Back, Thighs, and Calves
The RELAXZEN 60-425111 features 8 vibrating massage motors. These motors are zoned to focusing on the upper back, mid back, thighs. Also there is an included ottoman that allows for vibration on the calves.

You are able to choose the massage zones independently so that you can zone in on a particular area. Also the RELAXZEN 60-425111 has 5 varying levels of intensity for a truly customizable experience. If you just want the chair to do the thinking for you, there are also 9 pre-programmed random modes.

One of the most unique features of the RELAXZEN 60-45111 is the soothing heat treatment. The heat is released in the lumbar area and helps release the tension that builds in your spine throughout the day.

High End Look At An Affordable Price

Along with its jam-packed features, the RELAXZEN has a high-end look without the price point you would expect to pay. It is covered with Comfortsoft upholstery. This upholstery has the look and feel of top quality leather without breaking the bank.

The chair is available in a rich chocolate brown color that looks great in any home or office. The included ottoman also is covered in the same upholstery.

Adjustable Reclining Comfortable

The Relaxzen 60-425111 also features the ability to make different reclining adjustments. It can swivel and recline. The reclining feature helps( Massage Chair Buyer’s Guide site: ) to release tension in the spine, and makes for the easy viewing when your favorite television show is on.

Plus do not forget the included vibrating ottoman to prop your feet up on.

How Much Will You Pay?

Although the RELAXZEN does pack in many different features, the price is quite affordable. You will have to put the unit together, however it is available on Amazon for $197. 62, which includes free shipping.

That’s a savings of about $100 dollars off the list price!

Other Relaxzen 60-425111 Reviews & Customer Feedback

“We bought this chair to put in a casual setting and it works perfectly. I was surprised and pleased at the quality and versatility of this two piece set especially at such an economical price.”

“Feels like real leather and very sturdy for my weight of 170 lbs.”

“Easy to put together, the message & heat unit is really great. Sure helping my back feel better. I really do love this recliner.”

“This is not a $2,000 chair, but for the price it’s a great chair. If you don’t have the cash for a high-end massage chair, consider this one.”

“Love it. It’s very roomy and comfortable. You might need help putting it together, but not many tools are required. It performs just like it should. Very relaxing.”

Complaints And Concerns

While researching the massage chair for this Relaxzen 60-425111 review we noticed that some customers that purchased the RELAXZEN product found that the massage strength was not strong enough. It serves as more of a vibration than a true massage. You should be aware that when purchasing this chair the massage motors are more for a relaxation than a real therapeutic feature.

Another complaint that has been generated surrounding this particular product has been the quality of the upholstery. Although the comfort of the chair is rarely questioned, the look of the leather to many appears cheap though of course this is a matter of personal preference.

Where To Purchase And Read More

Whilst we’ve tried to cover the major points in in our Relaxzen 60-425111 review, if you want to get more information about the RELAXZEN chair a great place to start is Amazon. There you can read many unbiased Relaxzen 60-425111 reviews, get specs, and determine if it is the right purchase for you.

Sharper Image MSI-CS775H air and Shiatsu Massage Cushion Review

Are you on the market for an over-the-chair massage cushion? The Sharper Image MSI-CS775H air and Shiatsu massage cushion can be what you’re looking for. It gives an air massage that works on your sides and lumbar area. Also, it has two Shiatsu nodes to give you a deep kneading massage. Plus, it has a heat mode for a soothing experience.

Sharper Image MSI-CS775H air and Shiatsu Massage Cushion Review
Sharper Image MSI-CS775H air and Shiatsu Massage Cushion Review

But does it effectively give you those promises? In this Sharper Image MSI-CS775H massage cushion review, we give you the answer based on buyer feedback, rating, and comments.

WARNING: This is NOT recommended for people with diabetes.

What You Need to Know About the MSI-CS775H

  • The MSI-C775H is a full-back massage cushion. Therefore,, you can lean back and expect your back to be fully covered and supported.
  • This isn’t very tall. If you’re 6’10”, for instance, it may not reach your soldiers.
  • This cushion comes with a corded remote, which is about 2 feet.
  • You can control or adjust the intensity of your massage (Massage chair reviews site: Choose from a “low,” “medium,” or “high” setting. Aside from that, you can even customize the area you want this cushion to target — lower back, upper back, or both.

VIDEO: See the MSI-CS775H in Action Here

In this video, you can see the MSI-CS775H in action. You can also have an idea of what you’ll expect to see when you unbox your package. Also, listen to the speaker as he gives you his review of this massage cushion.

What Consumers Like and Don’t Like About the MSI-CS775H Massage Cushion

  • Heat. Several consumers noted that the heat generated wasn’t hot or warm enough. Notable words that they used to describe the heat quality of this cushion include the following: “faint,” “non existent,” and “didn’t make any difference.”
  • Height of Chair. It seems like this over-the-chair massage cushion favors those who are 5’6″ tall. Several tall buyers say that this massage chair wasn’t high enough to reach your shoulders or massage your neck area.
  • Comparison to Other Brands. Some consumers have composed the MSI-CS775H to other similar brands such as HoMedics. The consensus is that this is better.
  • Quality of Massage. There are opposing comments and feedback as regards the quality of massage this cushion provides. While some agree that it does give a firm or deep massage, others are not impressed.


The MSI-CS775H isn’t a replacement for a full massage chair or a professional massage. As one consumer said, this is “convenient as you no longer have to ask your spouse for an unprofessional massage when all you want is a little relief right now.” In short, if you expect short term results, you can be satisfied with this cushion.

BT-7672-Massage-BK-66 Massaging Recliner Review

Manufactured by T&D Enterprises, the BT-7672-Massage-BK-66 is a massaging recliner that comes with an ottoman. It has a double-padded, cushioned back, and you can choose from its five pre-programmed massage settings. You can even choose your preferred intensity.

BT-7672-Massage-BK-66 Massaging Recliner Review
BT-7672-Massage-BK-66 Massaging Recliner Review

In this BT-7672-Massage-BK-66 massaging recliner review, we give you what consumer have to say about their chair. Does it give you relaxing massages? Will it be worth your money? We help you analyze and find the answers.

What You Need to Know About the BT-7672-Massage-BK-66

  • This massage chair runs on electricity. It plugs into a wall.
  • Minimal assembly is required.
  • You can select or deselect the motors, regulate the intensity of the vibration, choose one of the pre-programmed massage settings, and adjust the timer.
  • It reclines and swivels, but it does not rock.
  • The ottoman vibrates.
  • This chair is made in China.

Consumer Feedback

  • Assembly. There is very little assembly involved. At least two consumers said they were able to use this massage chair after 10 minutes of “fairly easy assmbly.”
  • Appearance and Material. This chair looks nice. Although those expecting to find real leather for seating surfaces may be disappointed. This massage chair comes with synthetic or faux leather. The good news though is that, as what several consumers said, this material is “soft.”
  • Weight. Several consumers were surprised at how light this massage chair is. It’s easy to move it around.
  • Comfort. Overall, consumers say that this is a very comfortable massage chair.
  • Heat Function. In general, there are positive comments on BT-7672-Massage-BK-66‘s heat mode. Some consumers praised its heating options, and others say the heat feels nice and is better than expected.
  • Lumbar Support. This is one of the cons mentioned by consumers. This chair has little lumbar support. One consumer said he had to buy a lumbar cushion for it.
  • Noise. One consumer finds that the “humming of the massage modes” can be noisy. Another said this chair can be “noisy on the medium-high settings.”
  • Quality of Massage. This chair provides a vibration-type of massage, NOT like other chairs that have rollers. The general comment is that the vibrating massage gives you a relaxed and comfortable experience. Aside from that, several consumers suffering from back pains and other bone-related diseases have claimed that this chair has helped them relieve their pain.

5 Massage Chair Reviews

  1. Kahuna LM6800 Review
  2. Kahuna SM7300 Review
  3. Ideal Massage Chair Review
  4. RelaxOnChair MK-II Review
  5. BestMassage EC06 Review
  6. BestMassage BM-EC161 Review


For the price, the BT-7672-Massage-BK-66 massage chair has massage and heat features that can be better than expected. It is comfortable to sit in, it’s easy to assemble, and it looks nice.

But it has its limitations. For one, it provides a vibration-type of massage, so you might crave for something stronger or harder.

Kayaking Stability Tips and Guide

Kayak is one type of boat that is used for fishing purposes. Most people use the kayak for sports fishing and other purposes. But before fishing, users must check the stability of kayak because it is an important feature of the kayak. So kayaking stability is an important characteristic when we buy a kayak. Stability has a significant impact on the kayaker paddling and the performance of the boat. Stability of kayak is the function of the width of kayak, paddle, hull design. There are various types of kayaks which have less stability than other kayaks. Among these kayaks, the recreational kayak has less stability than sea kayaks.

Kayaking Stability Tips and Guide
Kayaking Stability Tips and Guide

What is stability

Stability means a resistance of changing, displacement and it means that the watercraft remains in the same chemical and atomic state. The watercraft has stability means it can keep itself in its equilibrium position so that it can remain in a stable condition.

Primary and secondary stability of kayak

Primary stability means, how the kayak fishermen feel during kayak fishing and secondary stability means how to stabilize and to control the kayak and which things mostly affect the safety of fishermen in a kayak.

Some kayak features

Hull shape of kayak: The stability of kayak depends on the hull shape of the kayak. The hull shape of kayak determines the performance of it. The recreational boats have initial stability in flat water conditions.

What forces are involved in kayaking stability

Two forces work on the stability of a kayak. A kayak must be stable if sufficient forces work on the kayak. The weight of paddler of the kayak, gear and the weight of the kayak add a force on the boat that pushing down towards the center of the earth. The total weight of paddler and kayak is equal and opposite force from buoyancy that is the ability that something has to float on a liquid or in the air. It is the force that works on the part of the water; that goes below the surface of the water. Therefore, the pressure of water on the surface of the kayak adds a total pressure that can maintain the total weight of the boat.

Five different ways to increase the stability of kayak

  1. Wear a drysuit.
  2. Embrace swimming.
  3. Learn to roll.
  4. Paddle tipper boats.
  5. Paddle forward.

What affects stability

Stability of the boat is affected by the width, the total distributed weight, and the shape of the hull.

1) The boats that have wider shape are more stable than other boats. The sit-on-top kayaks are stable because the width of these kayaks is 28 inches.

2) The boats that have a large number of seats are more stable than other boats. But a large number of seats make fishermen more comfortable to paddle the kayak.

3) The boats with flat hull are more stable than other vessels.

4) The boats with round bottom are less stable than another kayak.

Different types of kayak material

The stability of kayak depends on the width of the kayak, the total weight of kayak and the durability of the boat. Kayak consists of different types of materials, and these affect the boat’s durability, width, and weight.

Polyethylene: This is an inexpensive material and most popular type of material that used to construct kayak. Polyethylene may become damaged due to a hot temperature, but it can return to its original shape after cooling this material.

Thermoformed ABS: It is a more expensive material than polyethylene and using this material with acrylic creates a smooth and shiny kayak, and weighs lighter than other material. It can prevent the ultraviolet rays so that the kayak can’t damage due to ultraviolet rays.

Composite materials: This type of material includes fiberglass, carbon blends, and Kevlar. The kayaks made with this kind of material are more expensive and are light weight. This type of boat is vulnerable means fragile in constructional features.

Guide to kayak terminology

The kayak that has more surface area i.e. big hull has more stability than other kayaks. The kayak with a flat bottom also has more stability. The wider kayak base gives more primary stability. When the balance of paddler goes beyond the primary stability, then secondary stability helps kayak to stay in a stable position. So, to keep in a stable condition, the best guidance and best technique are necessary.[Source:]


From the above article, it is found that the stability of kayak totally depends on the width, weight, and the hull shape of the kayak. It also depends on the material of kayak. The best guidance and best knowledge are necessary for a stable kayak. So, the user of kayak must obey some tips of the kayak to keep in a stable condition.

Interesting Facts on Fish Finder

55 million Americans went on one or more fishing trips in the year of 2019. Of those people, ten million young people went fishing in 2019 []. It comes as absolutely no surprise that fishing is as popular as it is. No doubt those who fish are in it for the relaxation, experiencing the joy and serenity of just being in nature. They’re in it for the excitement, realizing a fish has just bitten and reeling it in to find, “Wow, it’s a big one!” Finally, they’re in it for the practical value of fishing, coming home with the main ingredients for a delicious and nutritious meal. People who fish also get to bond with their loved ones while doing so. It’s a great activity to share with family and friends–both the fishing itself, and the meal that is likely to follow.

Interesting Facts on Fish Finder
Interesting Facts on Fish Finder

Portable and Gps

A portable fish finder is of the utmost value to anyone who wants to bring with them a device that can literally locate and pinpoint by size the fish they are seeking in any location or body of water. A fish finder uses sonar to locate fish and lets the user map out the underwater topography of their body of water of choice. What does it mean that it uses sonar? The fish finder shoots out waves of sound into the water, reads the results that return, and shows these results as a graph on a screen. They are often integrated with other technology, such as GPS[Fish finder gps combo], wi-fi, and smart phones.

New Technology

The fishermen of old, humans throughout the thousands of years when many of us relied on fish for survival, might have cried for joy had they been handed such a device. Now we take this level of technology for granted! But it is truly miraculous what it is able to do, and the degree to which it can increase your fishing returns. For anyone who is truly committed to the activity, for sport or livelihood, of fishing, it is an essential purchase. The potential monetary returns will help the fish finder pay for itself, so what are you waiting for? Get to reading those fish finder reviews and soon you’ll find your perfect portable fish finder.

Shoppers research online

81% of shoppers research online before making a purchase [], and there’s definitely a reason for that: it just makes sense. Why are fish finder reviews the way to go, the best possible means of making a decision, when it comes to choosing your ideal product? Reading these reviews lets you pick out which product is truly ideal for your individual needs.

There are so many different products out there; you need to narrow your search down, and reading these reviews online allows you to do so. The huge variety of fish finders extends, as well, to massive variations in price.

They can cost anywhere from $50 to several thousand dollars. The most expensive fish finders tell the user of what species of fish they’re locating the size and trajectory. Meanwhile, the most affordable fish finders are less precise in their locating ability.

Of course, there are plenty of products along the spectrum between these two extremes. There are many factors to take into account when making your purchasing decision: these include quality, how easy the product is to use, cost, and performance. You’ll want to visit product research websites to find aggregated reviews and comparisons.

Reviews from fellow fishermen are valuable because you’re hearing from those who regularly use the product, and thus who are best fit to judge the product’s strengths and weaknesses. They are, of course, much less biased than the people who make the products and who are solely interested in convincing you to buy their fish finder.


You could say that a fish finder is a fish’s worst enemy, because it means fish can no longer hide! The fisherman using a fish finder might as well have “X-ray vision” in the murkiest of waters. It doesn’t matter if you’re a recreational fisherman, you’re a sport fisherman or you catch fish for food. In any case, it just makes sense to put a fish finder to work for you, and watch yourself rake in the best catch!

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners

Also called a mini-split air conditioning system, because part of the system is installed outside and the other is installed inside your home. This results in the ductless system being much quieter than other air conditioning systems, such as a window unit.

Installing a ductless system is easier and less expensive than central air, since ducts are not required. Just mount the indoor unit in the room you wish to cool. The heat pump condenser is installed outside.

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners
Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners

Another advantage to the ductless air system is that it can also be used to heat these rooms during cold months. You get both heating and cooling in one unit!

I am excited to learn about this alternative to central air! Replacing my unit would be costly, and since there are only two of us at home now, we do not really need to cool the entire house. I think a ductless air conditioning system could meet our needs very well. We only need to cool a few rooms in our home, not the entire building. It will be affordable to purchase and easy to install. It will cost less to operate than the central system.

I just want to be sure, when I make my purchase, that I buy the best ductless air conditioning system available for the price. I know you are like me and want to get the best deal possible!

These are the units with the best reviews from people who have installed the systems in their homes and offices.

1. Amvent 12000 BTU 1 Ton Ductless Wall Mount Mini Split Room Air Conditioner Review

I like that it is possible to install it yourself, since it has the Quick Install system. All of the wiring is done at the factory, which makes installation much easier and quicker.

2. Amvent 24000 BTU 2 Ton Ductless Wall Mount Mini Split Room Air Conditioner Review

Another Amvent unit, but with a larger capacity. This one has not been reviewed as much as the smaller unit, but the single review is outstanding and thorough.

3. Amvent 24000 BTU 2 Ton Ductless Wall Mount Mini Split Air Conditioner + Heat Pump AC Cooling System Unit Review

Although one user gave a negative review, overall the reviews are great and in line with the other reviews on this manufacturer’s products.

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More Ductless Air Conditioners Available at

Here are some ductless a/c units that have not been reviewed yet and do not have ratings. Be the first to rate these mini-split air conditioners!

4 Gun safe Safety Tips

While gun safes are purchased to make it safe for you and your family, there are some safety precautions that you need to know when storing guns inside your safe. Mishandling the contents of a safe means a potential for disaster and ultimately defeats the purpose of having a safe in the first place. Here are some reminders for keeping your gun safe secure.

Gun Safe
Gun Safe

Do not leave all of your weapons loaded in a safe

If you have a gun collection, leave just one weapon loaded in your safe and keep ammunition stored separately. The loaded weapon is your means to defend yourself in the event of a home invasion or burglary. Leaving all of your weapons loaded in a safe means that you’re putting yourself in harms way when there are more loaded weapons in your house in the event of a burglary. Remember which weapon you kept loaded and which part you kept your weapon. Practice opening your safe quickly and be prepared if in case you would need to use your loaded gun. If you want, keep the gun that you’re most familiar to loaded so you can respond quickly in an emergency situation.(Source site:

Do not leave ammunitions loose in the safe

For added security, create a different lock for your ammunition. If all but one of your guns are unloaded, burglars would spend more time looking for a loaded gun or looking for your ammunition to use it against you. Keeping ammunition on a different locker is also like separating the lock from the key. One can’t use one without the other.

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Do not leave powder inside the safe

Highly combustible material inside an airtight chamber is a potential for disaster. Powder ignited inside a gun safe has the potential markings of a bomb. Static charges inside a safe may ignite the powder creating a rapid expansion of gases inside your safe, turning your safe into a giant bomb. Also, in the event of a fire, superheated containers may explode due to powders being ignited inside. Powder is not harmful on its own. Store your powder in a separate, but secure container that’s free from sunlight, moisture and static electrical charges.

Remove the wooden pallet

Safes are pretty challenging to move, that’s why wooden pallets are installed underneath to assist in the transport. However, do not forget to remove the wooden pallet underneath because that only makes it easier for others to MOVE the entire safe. Do not rely on just the sheer weight and thickness of your safe. Remember, most safes can be cracked or drilled open. Some may take longer time to crack or drill, but eventually it would be broken. Make sure that your gun safe is bolted down and secured.

The usual gun safety techniques must also be applied even when storing your guns. Your gun ownership responsibility does not end when you store your guns in your safe. The safety of the people around you is not just the responsibility of a gun owner. It’s everybody’s responsibility as a citizen. Are you looking for the best car gun safe?

Husqvarna 450 Chainsaw Review

The Husqvarna 450 chainsaw is one of the best gas powered chainsaws on the market today for beginners, intermediate users, and you. It is designed with the average person in mind. What I mean by that is how easy it is to crank up and the cutting power that is packed into lightweight frame(11.33 lbs). It comes with the Smart Start and Fuel pump feature which makes starting it effortless.

Husqvarna 450 Gas Powered Chainsaw
Husqvarna 450 Gas Powered Chainsaw

Packed with a 50cc motor that puts out 3.2 horse power, it can handle even the toughest of jobs. If your looking to clear some tree’s and brush around your home, cut up some firewood, or just need to cut some wood for a do it yourself project. The Husqvarna 450 is all you are going to need.

Here is a video of the Husqvarna 450 in action!:

Now let’s take a look at the rest of the Husqvarna 450′s features.

  • 3.2 HP X Torq Engine that reduces exhaust and increases the fuel efficiency of the saw
  • Low Vibration Dampening to reduce fatigue after extended use
  • A Centrifugal Air Cleaning System which will extend the life of the saw
  • Snap lock cylinder cover for fast changing of spark plugs and cleaning the chainsaw
  • A quick and easy tool-less chain tightening and loosening
  • Inertia activated chain brake for when you need to stop the chain in and emergency such as kickbacks
  • Smart Start and Fuel Pump Feature which makes start up effortless
  • Other premium features such as: easy bar assembling, quick release air filter for quick replacement, transparent fuel indicator for easy fuel checking
  • Plus its backed by a 2 – year limited warranty

Overall for the price of this chainsaw, you will only find a few that are better. You will be paying alot more for them and even then still they will only be slightly better than the Husqvarna 450.

I started searching around to see if other people were as satisfied as I was with the Husqvarna 450. Not to my surprise I found a bunch of reviews that also expressed my satisfaction with it.

Heres what a few actual users said

Here’s what “J. Baleshiski “John’s wife” another satisfied user had to say:

“I LOVE this chainsaw. It has an IMMENSE amount of power for such a seemingly small tool, it starts without trouble, is easy to adjust (once you can decipher the instructions), and can take down trees like they were small twigs. It even comes with instructions on how to properly limb a tree, and how to take down the tree itself. Well worth the money. I used it for close to three hours without shutting it off, and it did not overheat or lose power, and shamed the electric chainsaw we were using concurrently. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!”

Finding The Perfect Husqvarna Chainsaw For You

Now that you have answered the previous questions and know what type of chainsaw you want, either gas, electric, corded or cordless chainsaw. Its time to start looking at different features and extras for your new chainsaw.

One major aspect that you need to pay close attention to is the kickback. In case you were wondering what kickback is, it’s the quick up jerking motion when your chainsaw touches something on accident.

Certain Husqvarna chainsaws for sale, come with a steel bar tip guard that prevents this from happening. You should make sure that the chainsaw you are considering comes with this feature or has an anti kickback or reduced kickback bar.

Another added feature you may want to invest in is a case or sheath. The case or sheath will protect you from the teeth of the chainsaw while traveling or transporting your chainsaw. This is not necessary but if you are going to be traveling with your chainsaw it may be worth it. I recommend it to tree cutting services.

If you plan on using your chainsaw for extended periods of time, an anti vibration system will help prevent you from becoming too fatigued. Again if you are only going to be chopping firewood for the winter, or trimming trees around your house every season; then this is not required. Tree and lawn mower services are perfect for this option.

Now I know I have been talking about features that are really catered towards those individuals with lawn and tree care services. I recommend the following for those individuals who will not be using their chainsaw as much. An automatic chain-oil-er will help those who are not planning on using their chainsaw everyday. You may not remember to do this on your own so this is a very helpful addition. Also there is the tool free chain adjustment system which will prevent you from having to use a screwdriver to loosen are tighten your chain tension. If you are not that handy around the house this will make adjusting your chain much much easier.

Okay, enough talk about extras and features.(Thanks The main thing is to make sure that you get a well balanced chainsaw. Husqvarna is one of the top chainsaw manufacturers available today. I recommend that you start with them when searching for a chainsaw. They have chainsaws available for beginners all the way up to professionals users.

Best Okuma Fishing Reels Reviews

Okuma makes the best possible fishing reels! They make stronger, lighter, smoother and more durable fishing reels than anyone in the business. They make reels that are smaller and smaller but able to land bigger and stronger fish.

Okuma Fishing Reels
Okuma Fishing Reels

Okuma strives to build fishing tackle that will enhance great fishing. The quality and durability of Okuma reels assist instead of hinder the fishing experience. Nothing is more frustrating than hooking that trophy lunker and having your reel not perform. It has happened to me and maybe it has happened to you.

There is only one way to test and develop the type of fishing reels that will do the job and that is to fish and that is what Okuma does. They have a global team of engineers and product developers that spend hours in the hot sun with burning thumb blisters and cracked lips pushing the reel to its limits. The ultimate test in the functionality and reliability of the reel is in actual real-world fishing conditions.

On the water, that is where the innovation happens. Real fishing is where technology advances, not on the drawing board or in the lab. Catching brown trout in the rushing water of a mountain stream, tuna in the strong pull of the Gulf Stream, walleye in the clear calm of a spring fed lake or a monster large mouth in the shadows of a stump lined point. That is where the action is. That is where the true test is. That is where the ideas come.

Whether it is freshwater or saltwater, Okuma has reels to fit every fisherman game (

Okuma Trolling Reels

Trolling the Great Lakes for salmon or walleye? Need a light saltwater reel for precise bait placement? Trolling for that big game trophy tuna or marlin? Okuma has the quality constructed trolling reel you need!

  • Titus Gold
  • Titus Silver
  • Titus
  • Catalina
  • Convector
  • Line Counter’s
  • SD
  • Classic/Classic Pro

Okuma Baitcast Reels

Traditionally, baitcasters were only found in freshwater being used by bass fisherman. Times have changed. Advancements in reel and line technology have revolutionized the techniques and applications for baitcasting reels. New super braid fishing lines have made the modern baitcaster a perfect weapon for inshore game such as trout and redfish. Okuma baitcasters all feature a rigid one-piece anodized frame, which reduces torque on large fish and allows for precise tolerances for casting and gear alignment. The machine cut brass gears found on all Okuma baitcasters offers durability and corrosion resistance.

  • VS
  • Nemesis
  • nduron
  • Nitryx

Okuma Spinning Reels

The limits are endless with the vast number of techniques and applications for today’s spinning reels. Used in both fresh and saltwater, the Okuma spinning reels are corrosion resistant, durable and strong. Form patented systems such as the new elliptical oscillation system to the new rigid, light weight AlumiLite frame construction, Okuma spinning reels are made with precision.

  • VS
  • Axeon & Oryx
  • Aveon
  • Eclipz
  • Inspira
  • Fina
  • Alumina
  • Avenger
  • Metaloid
  • Granite & Hydro
  • Epixor
  • Corrida & Acuador
  • Epixor EB
  • Ultra-Lite Spinning
  • Coronado

Okuma Fly Fishing Reels

Fishing the streams and rivers of open grassy plains or the shadows of mountain ranges, Okuma has the ideal fly reel for the beginner, Airframe, or the ultimate reel for the expert, Helios.

  • Helios
  • Magnitude
  • Integrity
  • Sierra & Carina
  • Airframe
  • Aventa

Okuma VSystem Spinning Fishing Reels Review

The Okima VSystem Spinning Fishing Reel is the marquee spinning fishing reel from Okuma and is setting the standard for spinning technology. The culmination of a multinational development project, the Okuma VSystem fishing reel respresents the ultimate spinning technology available. This Okuma fishing reel is built on the foundation of our patented EOS elliptical oscillation drive gears. This revolutionary oscillation offers superior line lay while maintaining unmatched stability. Due to the elliptical shape of the gears, they are constantly engaged during the two stroke oscillation. This Okuma spinning fishing reel also features the new Dual Drag Force system, DFD. In addition to the traditional multi-disk system it has a large drag system mounted beneath the spool, which by equalizing the drag force stabilizes and dissipates heat, promising a smooth drag under extreme tensions. You may like to Read; Best Spinning Reel Under 50

Okuma VSystem Spinning Fishing Reel Features:

  • Alumalite aluminum body and rotor
  • 1 E²BB extreme element bearing
  • HPB high performance bearing
  • DFD dual force drag system
  • EOS patented elliptical oscillation system
  • Heavy duty forged 1-touch aluminum handle
  • 5 year warranty
Model Gear ratio Bearings Weight (oz.) Line retrieve Monofilament line capacity
(diameter in mm.)
Frame Side
Rotor Spool MSRP
V-15a 5.0:1 12BB+1RB 8.0 20″ 240/2 (0.12), 130/4 (0.17), 80/6 (0.22) AL AL AL AL $149.99
V-20a 5.0:1 12BB+1RB 9.4 22″ 190/4 (0.17), 110/6 (0.22), 90/8 (0.25) AL AL AL AL $149.99
V-30a 5.0:1 15BB+1RB 11.6 25″ 200/6 (0.22), 160/8 (0.25), 110/10 (0.30) AL AL AL AL $149.99
V-40a 5.0:1 15BB+1RB 12.4 28″ 270/8 (0.25), 190/10 (0.30), 170/12 (0.32) AL AL AL AL $159.99
V-45a 4.5:1 15BB+1RB 15.2 26″ 240/10 (0.30), 210/12 (0.32), 150/15 (0.37) AL AL AL AL $159.99
V-55a 4.5:1 15BB+1RB 16.5 30″ 380/10 (0.30), 340/12 (0.32), 240/15 (0.37) AL AL AL AL $159.99
V-65a 4.8:1 15BB+1RB 23.2 34″ 430/12 (0.32), 310/15 (0.37), 260/20 (0.42) AL AL AL AL $189.99
V-80a 4.8:1 15BB+1RB 24.1 38″ 420/15 (0.37), 350/20 (0.42), 260/25 (0.48) AL AL AL AL $189.99
V-40Sa 6.2:1 15BB+1RB 12.4 35″ 270/8 (0.25), 190/10 (0.30), 170/12 (0.32) AL AL AL AL $159.99
V-55Sa 6.2:1 15BB+1RB 16.5 41″ 380/10 (0.30), 340/12 (0.32), 240/15 (0.37) AL AL AL AL $159.99
V-65Sa 5.8:1 15BB+1RB 23.2 46″ 430/12 (0.32), 310/15 (0.37), 260/20 (0.42) AL AL AL AL $189.99
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